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So this is our brilliant development blog, detailing all our struggles and mistakes along this seemingly endless journey we call Neversky. Hopefully it'll be enjoyable.

Hello! My name is Ted, I'm part of a team of two currently working on an spacecraft commanding game called Neversky. The main concept is you are just a single character living in a shifting universe. You're no war hero or fleet captain, but just your average Joe looking for a buck. Earn some cash, build some ship, hire some crew and release yourself into a seamless galaxy, to benefit or fall, but have a journey nevertheless.

It's a 2D top down adventure game at its core, with RPG elements and ship crew management. Ships are multistory, and completely player created. There is also a dynamic destruction system not limited to tiles, but rather with denting and deforming the ship structure.

Follow our own adventure attempting to make this game in my dev blog here!

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